My name is Dylan Carrel.

I am a college student pursuing my master’s degree in computer science.

I am fascinated with technology, science, nature and many other things. You can say I am a Sony fanboy. I have either used or tested almost all Sony’s products including a Vaio laptop, PlayStation, Cybershot DSC camera, and a few other small electronics.


The reason why I started this website (with the help of several classmates) is because I often see many fellow Vaio laptop users suffering PC performance issues. Our mission is to help Sony Vaio users get rid of slow PCs and enjoy a fast and healthy laptop and finish work more efficiently.

If you have any questions regarding the content on this website or general inquiries about your Sony computer, get in touch with me by moving to this contact page.

I’ll do my best to respond you ASAP. If not, I’ll probably be busy with schoolwork.

Either way, I hope you all the best and thanks for checking out this site.